NeoBux is a site where users get paid to click, promote, and to complete offers. It is a site that has survived the test of time and has been paying since 2008. A reliable and stable site that has never failed to pay. 



1.Click HERE to register at PayPal


  • Click 'Premier' mode when signing up in paypal
  • Must fill in valid details when registering 
  • Use valid email
  • Must have credit card when getting your earnings in NEOBUX
  • If you don't have credit card click 'go to my account' to skip

2.Click HERE to register at NEOBUX fill up registration form with valid email in yahoo and paypal to receive code to register.


  • Don't close neobux screen until account is not activated
  • Use copy paste when putting the code dont do it manually
  • If you don't see any verification code in your yahoo inbox click 'spam'

3. Once register is completed log in now in neobux. 


  • Leave the secondary password blank

4.Click view Advertisements

After clicking you will see 'fixed advertisements' and different colors with links.

5. Click any of those links and a new window will open wait for 10-12 seconds then you will be paid for visiting that website.

After doing all of that start earning! Just sit back and relax.

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